Coach and Player Education

The importance of coach and player education should not be underestimated. Elite-level players and coaches strive to be better through awareness and continuing education.

The Football Academy of Ireland supplies expert tutors and lecturers with proven track records and vast amounts of experience to empower you with a higher level of understanding in areas vital for skilled players and coaches.

Coach and Player Education

Not all content for coaches and players can be covered on the pitch; some content needs to be offered off the field in a classroom environment. The venue is decided by you and can be online via Zoom, or face-to-face in a local clubhouse, school, or nearby hotel.

We offer the following courses: Player Education and Coach Education.

Player Education (6 hour course total – 4 modules – 90 minutes per module)

  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Building confidence and motivation
  • Leadership education
  • Lifestyle management

Coach Education (12 hour course total – 6 modules – 2 hours per module)

  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Sports psychology
  • Football periodisation
  • Physical conditioning for players
  • Sports leadership
  • Goal setting and time management

Please note: We require a minimum of 16 players or 16 coaches to book a course.

For more information or to book a course, complete the following Course Booking Form.

Course Booking Form

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