One-to-One / Small Group Coaching

We provide personalized one-to-one coaching for any individual seeking to improve their game. Currently, one-to-one sessions only take place in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Players need to be willing to travel to receive one-to-one coaching.

Our specialized one-to-one coaching gives our coaches the opportunity to provide a SWAT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) on an individual player. This can highlight whether more technical, tactical, physical, or psychological work is needed to improve player performance.

One-to-One/Small Group Coaching

My first one-to-one coaching project was with my younger brother. He subsequently secured a professional four-year contract with Blackburn Rovers FC the same year that they went on to win the English Premier League. Numerous other players I have coached have gone on to play professional or semi-professional football both here and abroad. Every coach at the Football Academy of Ireland has experience coaching players at the professional level.

One-to-one coaching is not just for younger players, but the earlier you start, the better. Players at all stages benefit, especially when returning from injury (rehabilitation), trying to remain injury free (prehab), or wanting to regain form. Sometimes players feel more comfortable working with a partner or in a group of three or four and we can accommodate this as well.

If you would like to book a one-to-one or small group session, complete the Booking Form below.

One-to-One/Small Group Coaching Booking Form

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